Sunday, December 11, 2011

Polar Express Oopsie!

So, we may not get mommy and daddy of the year award for this one! We bought tickets (online, in advance) for this Polar Express train ride in Grapevine for us and the kids. We thought Sam would love the train ride with Santa, and all of the activities they had for the kids prior to boarding the train. Unfortunately, we didn't make it in time for the ride...even though we left our house an hour prior to departure time :( We thought they'd just let us board the next one, which was an hour later...but it was sold out. Thank goodness Sam bug didn't seem to care at all, as he was distracted by all the other activities going on around him!

It was cold outside, so we bundled Miss Stella up in her little reindeer costume (actually, this is Ben or Bryce's little outfit that we borrowed :) ). It is just so cute!

Here we are after realizing we missed the train :(

Funnel cakes can fix anything...

Such a sweet picture...Stella just kept staring at Todd and touching his face. So sweet :)

Our attempt at a family usual, we can not get everyone to look (and smile) at the same time! Oh well, this will have to do :)

We may have redeemed ourselves when we took Sam across the street to get a pony ride. Saying he loved it would be an understatement. He was grinning from ear to ear the entire ride. The sweet man running it let Sam ride for about 20 minutes, and Sam still cried when he had to get off the pony. He talked about the "horse" the entire way home.

Little Miss Stella sitting on a pony :)

All smiles...

Snuggling with my baby girl once we made it home. It was a fun day, despite the little "hiccup" :)

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