Thursday, May 31, 2012


Little Miss Stella turned 10 months old this month!  She is an itty bitty firecracker, and we can't get enough of her :)  She now says Mommy, Daddy, Hi and Bye-Bye...she says a lot more than that, but that's all we can actually understand right now!  Mama was her first word, and she said it at the hospital right after her surgery.  She is totally healed and doing fabulous now, and all that's left is a very tiny scar under her chin.   

We decided to take a quick trip out to Goldthwaite and Caradan to see our land the first weekend in May, and visit with Grammy and Papaw too of course!  We stopped halfway to fill up on gas and let the kids stretch out a bit, Shelby included :)

Papaw and Sam bug playing out on our land.  Sam bug is wearing his super cute John Deere boots that Grammy bought him.  Love my little country boy :)

Daddy and his baby girl

Mommy and her big boy

After a weekend out in the country, Sam decided he needed a cowboy hat just like his Papaw' of course we went and got him one :)  

Stella bella modeling some of her outfits....

And Sam bug modeling his new shades he got from Ms Tonya on his last day of school

For Mother's Day, Justin and the kids took me to Breadwinners for Brunch (one of my favorite places)!  Of course, there was a we played outside a bit and took some pictures to kill some time.

I could not possibly love these kids any more!!

It was such a pretty day, so we decided to play outside and do some gardening.  Here is Stella posing for the camera :)

Sam bug was enjoying a quick trip to Home Depot to get some plants and flowers...

Hedy took this adorable picture of Stella just outside her house, and I used it for Stella's 1st birthday invitations

Pool time!  Todd, Alex, Dianna and Mason came over for some swim time.  The kids all loved the pool!

Sweet baby girl, she reminds me of a little doll :)

Grocery shopping has definitely become a bigger challenge these days.  I have to be creative in keeping the kids entertained, and in figuring out where to put the groceries.  Let's just say some days I win, and some days they win.  I took this picture on a "good" day of course :)

May was such a busy and fun month.  Our little niece, Gia Marie, was born....and she is such a doll.  Mike and April could not be more happy and proud, as they should be!

Sweet Sam showing his baby cousin some love...

Happy and proud Aunt and Uncle

Todd turned 40 in May, so we had a pool party for him to celebrate his birthday.  Unfortunately, we didn't do a good job of taking pictures that day :(  Only have a few pics of my kiddos...

Since Nonno and Nonna were in town visiting for the arrival of Gia, we decided to take a fun day trip to Fort Worth.  Sam bug absolutely loved it, as he is obsessed with cows and horses...and all things farm and country :)

Riding a pony

Stella cuddling up with Nonno

Riding a pony....again :)

At the petting zoo with Nonno

Riding the choo-choo train with Nonno

The next morning, we went for a walk to the park.  I took some pics of Stella with her Nonno and Nonna

Daddy putting Sam to work...he took his job very seriously :)

Play time with Mason