Monday, July 4, 2011

Stella Domenique is born!!

Today's the day!!! Today we will be meeting baby Stella for the first time, and we could not be more excited! It's about 6:30 am, July 1st 2011 and I'm about to get prepped for my C-section. As you can tell by my goofy expression, I am SUPER excited!!

All prepped and ready to go in the operating room. Best support system ever with me...hubby :)

Here she comes....crazy!!!!!

My little pumpkin came out weighing 6 lbs, 5 oz and 18 inches long.

Super proud daddy :)

I can't stop looking at her. She is beautiful, and I am in love.

Our first skin to skin contact and cuddle. Such an amazing moment.

Mommy and daughter...

Look how tiny she looks next to Justin's hand!

I woke up from a nap to this...melt my heart!

Unfortunately, it was not all smiles on this day. Our sweet Sam bug was SO sick he could barely function. He had an ear infection and some random virus that gave him blisters throughout his mouth and throat. He was miserable, and I felt awful because I couldn't be home with him. Fortunately, he had two sets of AMAZING grandparents at home taking such great care of him. I just hated to be away from my bubba when he was so sick though :( He came up to the hospital just for a minute the day Stella was born. You can tell by the picture he is just not feeling well...

Proud Nonno and Nonna...

Uncle Mike and Auntie April...

Auntie April brought some super cute gifts for Stella. Definitely won bow-of-the-year award! :)

Aw...proud Papaw

We were able to leave the hospital on July 4th, and boy were we excited about getting home! I hadn't been able to see Sam in days and I was SO ready. I was nervous he'd be mad at me and give me the cold shoulder for not being around the past few days...but, I should have known better. Sam has got the sweetest heart, and he just gave me a big smile and a big hug and I couldn't help but start crying. I love this boy with all of my heart. Unfortunately, I have no pictures of our homecoming....but I will remember it always.

Stella's first ride in her car seat. Look at Justin's hands next to her feet!

Her first nap at home! Our home has never felt warmer and more complete! Love my babies, my family, my life.