Saturday, March 31, 2012

March Madness!

Another month flew by...Stella turned 8 months old on March 1st!   She's smiling all the time, and she has the cutest little chuckle.  She loves playing with Sam, and even more with his toys.  Sam adores his sister...but he wishes she would just sit there by him and not touch anything :)  Obviously, that's not going to happen!  

Here are a few pics of my big girl!

And sweet Sam bug :)  My little boy is getting so big!

Over Spring break, Jason and Charlotte and the boys came to visit.  We all had so much fun, and it was so great getting to see the cousins all play together!

I love this pic of Rhett and Stella because they both have these confused looks on their faces :)  Rhett was being so sweet with her!

The three boys taking a bath...

Aunt Charlotte kicking the ball around with Sam and Wyatt

Daddy loving on his baby girl :)

We took a trip to the Sea Life Aquarium in Grapevine.  I think the kiddos really enjoyed it, although you wouldn't know it by their expressions in this picture :)

Cute little Sam and Wyatt peeking their heads through the bubble :)

After the aquarium, we set up the bounce house in our backyard and spent the afternoon outside playing...

With the weather getting warmer, we decided it was time to visit the beach again!  Sam and his buddies, Ben and Bryce, love this place!  The first time Stella touched the sand, she was NOT a fan.  But by the second time we visited, she was already liking it...and now she loves playing in the sand :)

Nothing like some cheese and caramel popcorn after a long day at the beach :)

Snuggle time with my baby girl!

Snug as a bug and ready to go on our walk!

Hedy had a surprise birthday party for Evan's 40th birthday at Top Golf.  Sam took a liking to the sport, and didn't let his daddy do much golfing--he said "it's MY turn daddy!"  Good thing daddy didn't mind :)

Like daddy, like son....Sam loves to do anything that his daddy does.  I've never seen anything like it...he completely adores him.  I love it.

My two babies playing nicely these moments!

Sweet that smile!

Sam and his buddies at swim school, enjoying the ride...

The three stooges, oh how I love them!!

Sweet thing...

While Lindsey was on maternity leave with Knox, Dianna, Linds and I have gotten together every Wednesday for a mommy/baby lunch and fun :)

Lindsey & Knox


 Mason & Stella