Saturday, December 31, 2011

End of 2011

The day after Christmas, we drove to Lampasas to celebrate with Jason, Charlotte and the boys. I'm ashamed to say I have zero pictures to show for it! I will definitely do better next time. While we were there though, we did go out to Goldthwaite to look at some land that we were interested in purchasing in conjunction with Grammy and Papaw. We all ended up really liking it, and we now officially own land in central Texas :)

Once we got back home, Sam and Daddy decided to do some work on our other land :) Lots of leaves waiting for us at home, ready to be raked. Sam was sad to see them go though...he really enjoyed playing and jumping in the heaping piles!

Meanwhile, Mama and Stella stayed in the house where it was warm and cozy :)

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