Tuesday, January 31, 2012

January love

No specific event to blog about this time....just some sweet pics of my babies that I want to share. These were taken throughout the month of January; Stella is 6 months and Sam is 2.

Of course, I love all pictures that both kiddos are in...so those automatically make the cut :)

Daddy thought he'd get to sleep in...ha ha ha, not so much. I threw the kids in bed with him and that did the trick :)

All smiles....

One of my faves...Sam is so sweet with her. And she adores him. It just melts my heart.

Sweet Sam

The girls, just hanging out....and no, Shelby is actually not supposed to be on the bed. But since she was already there, it was a good photo op :)

Just hanging out with daddy...love! She is so happy just to be around him. Sam was (and still is) like that too. So sweet.

Hanging out with her boyfriend, Mason. He is six weeks younger than Stella...it will be so fun watching them grow together!

Taking all 3 kids for a walk! Thankfully, they all enjoy being outdoors and walking!

I had to include this pic my 3 favorite little monkeys, even if the picture quality stinks. They're just too cute, eating popcorn and watching Cars 2. Love them so much!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

The beginning of the train obsession

Our sweet friend AJ told us about a model train exhibit going on in Plano, so we thought we'd go check it out with the kids. As soon as we walked in, Sam was hooked! I couldn't even get him to look at me for a picture...he would not take his eyes off the trains. It was the most still he's ever been. He literally just stared in amazement at the trains going around and around. It was fun seeing him in such awe :)

His favorite train set-up was the one they had set up on the floor...I think it's because the trains were bigger and he could see them better.

Had to get a picture with the girls too, to prove we were there as well :) Notice Sam still has not taken his eyes off the train!

Sam held on to that chain watching the trains for probably an hour (after we had already walked around for 2 hours looking at the other model trains). And when we finally had to leave, he held on to that chain as hard as he could and started screaming :) He let us know he was not even close to being ready to leave, but if we left it up to him I think we'd still be there! This was the day Sam's obsession with trains began :)

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Dallas Zoo

On New Year's Day, we decided to take a fun, family outing to the Dallas Zoo. We were worried it might be too crowded or too cold, but it was perfect! No crowds at all, and weather was chilly but not bad once we were all bundled up. Sam enjoyed it SO much!

Here are the kiddos as we walked into the zoo entrance...

In the children's area of the zoo, they offered pony rides...of course we had to get Sam one since he's obsessed with riding horses :)

Sam also enjoyed seeing the pigs, fish and sheep at the Children's zoo too....Stella enjoyed just strolling around :)

Mommy and baby girl walking the zoo. She did so good!

Daddy and Sam checking out the monkeys...

Rhino on steroids...he kept lifting the tree stump with his horn as if he was showing off for us.

Cute little penguins...

This guy looked like the monkey from the Lion King...which coincidently Sam had just watched the day before :)

And my personal favorite...the giraffes!!

Sam got to feed the giraffes lettuce. He thought it was so cool...and so did we! :)

Look how long his tongue is!!

So cute :)

We had so much fun we want to go back again very soon!!

Stella is 6 months old!

I can not believe how fast time is flying...my baby girl turned six months old today! We had her doctor's appointment yesterday, and she is doing great. Still itty bitty, but healthy and happy!
She now weighs 14 lbs, which puts her in the 15th percentile. She is 25.8 inches long, which is the 54th percentile (woo-hoo), and head circumference is 16.25 inches which is 18th percentile.
She also has four teeth, 2 on bottom and 2 on top....and she shows them off frequently with smiles and giggles. She thinks Sam and Shelby are hilarious :) She rolls all over the place and gets up on all fours, but is not crawling quite yet. She can also sit up, but not for long before she tumbles over. And of course, she still sucks her thumb. Her signature "relax" position is to have her left thumb in her mouth and her right hand on her ear :)

She is SUCH a sweet girl. She hardly ever cries, loves to snuggle and be held, sleeps great...I have no complaints. Love my baby girl!!

Playing in a box with her favorite monkey :)

Napping on mommy...love these moments :)