Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas 2011

It's amazing how much more fun Christmas is when you have kids. It's like reliving the excitement from your childhood all over again through them, but even better :) It was such a fun day spent with our only regret is that I didn't take more pictures! But at least I got a few...

Nonno and Nonna came into town on Christmas Eve, and Papaw & Grammy and Auntie April & Uncle Mike came over on Christmas Day. We had a yummy lunch...lobster, shrimp, tiramisu, cannoli and more! A fun day with some of my favorite people :)

Here's what Christmas morning looked like before Sam bug woke up!

Alex and Dianna had gotten him a Dinosaur Train train set for his birthday, and we had not had a chance to set it up for Sam yet. So, daddy set it up on Christmas Eve once Sam was asleep. That way it would be up and running under the tree on Christmas morning. Sam was SO excited to see it when he woke much so that he didn't even care about opening his other presents. At least not for a while :)

Stella and Nonna hanging out and watching Sam open his presents...

Stella checking out her present...looks like she's not sure what to think about it :)

Nonna's turn...

Ready for lunch!

Cheers to yet another wonderful Christmas!

My handsome bug playing with his new bike.

Grammy and Miss Stella bella :)

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