Tuesday, July 31, 2012

New Orleans, Austin and More

Stella did awesome at her one year check up--no tears except for  a quick second when they stuck her with shots, but who can blame her?!   Our little princess now weighs 17.38 lbs (14.61 percentile), she's 28.8 inches long (36.56 percentile), and her head circumference is 17 inches (10.41 percentile).
So yes, she's our little doll :)  Although I don't quite understand how one who eats like she does can be that tiny!  She is not walking yet, but she is a talking machine!  And she understands everything, I swear!  This little thing is an angel with attitude, and I love it (most of the time :))!  Here she is, as happy as can be, at the doctor's office getting her check up.

Sam bug did so well too, patiently waiting on his sister....with the help of a lollipop :)

Aww, her very last picture with "the sign".  Look at my big girl!

Since Sara was still visiting from Italy, Mom and I decided to take her to New Orleans and Austin so she could see a couple of different cities.  We made it a girls trip to New Orleans, Mom, Sara, Hedy, and me.  We only stayed one night, but we had such a great time (minus the 12 hours it took to get home the next day, but we won't get into that!).  Of course Hedy (Miss Photographer) had the idea for us to take a picture in front of this door, and it turned out so cool!  Just a random building in the streets of New Orleans...

And who can do New Orleans without a stop (or two) at Cafe Du Monde!  I LOVE this place.

We decided to do a Garden District tour while we were there, and my Mom (or "Red" as our tour guide playfully nicknamed her :) ) somehow ended up sitting next to the driver with a whip in her hand.  Only my mom... :)

At the cemetery

Next stop...Austin!  This trip, we took the kids and hubby with us.  We did downtown Austin for a few hours (the Capitol, 6th street, etc.), but spent the rest of the weekend at Margaret and Sam's house.

The Capitol, so beautiful...

Papaw and Sam bug riding Cheyenne

Sara riding Cheyenne, and Jake following behind

SW's favorite, the cows :)

Our little family :)

Papaw and SW riding on the mule

Todd and Stella (it was hot out, so I took off Stella's PJs so she could cool off...in case you were wondering :) )

My little peanut

Sara had never shot a gun before, so Justin taught her how to use the shotgun and pistol.  She preferred the shotgun, and she was a natural.  She hit more clay pigeons than the guys did!

Papaw and the kiddos

Such a fun month!

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