Monday, August 27, 2012

Port Aransas - beach time!

Thanks to Grammy and Papaw for making it possible, the Jones family spent 4 super fun days in Port Aransas in August...and stayed at a beautiful house right on the beach I might add!  This was the kids' first time at the beach, and they absolutely loved it!  Although my thumb sucking Stella did get a bit frustrated about the amount of sand she was ingesting!

This picture is a view from one of the balconies of the house where we stayed.

Grammy, always thinking, brought a bunch of toys from home for the kiddos to play with.  Thank goodness, because that really did help keep them occupied when we weren't at the beach.

Grammy and Miss Stella bella playing in the water

Sweet Wyatt

Charlotte teaching the kiddos how to look for sea shells

A sweet woman gave us this kiddy pool because they were done using it.  It was extra entertainment for the kids, which is never a bad thing.

The boys burying Stella

And Stella loving every bit of it :)

And now it's time to bury daddy!

Such a sweet picture

Pictures like this just make me melt. Love when they play well together!

Hi Miss Thing!

The boys playing in the water

Jason and the rough life :)

Charlotte pulling Wyatt...he was loving this!

Papaw and Rhetters

Justin pulling Sam bug

Stella running off to catch Daddy and Sam bug

Kids aren't the only ones that can play...Char's turn!

Papaw playing with the grandkids

Jason and Charlotte

Yes, we are dorks :)

Attempting to build a sand castle

Someone was enjoying himself!

Love this picture of Stella and daddy

Stella playing with her new dolly that Grammy and Papaw gave her

Enjoying the beautiful evening from the porch.  The weather couldn't have been better!

The kids played out on the porch for hours, they loved it as much as we did.

Doesn't get much cuter!  Sweet cousins, Rhett and Stella.

Last night at the beach, and Stella wanted to get some snuggle time in with her daddy.  So sweet.

What a fun, family vacation!  We will definitely have to do that again!!

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