Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Dads and Donuts

Sam's school had a Dads and Donuts event, and of course, Sam was thrilled to have daddy join him at school that morning! Here they are on the way to Sam's classroom.

It was really sweet seeing the dads sitting there with their little ones, eating donuts and drinking apple juice out of teeny tiny cups :)

Working on their hand painting that Justin had to go to work with a little orange paint on his hand :)

Looking out the window at all the crazy mommies that crashed the event just so they could take pictures! Yes, of course I was one of those mommies :)

As we suspected, Sam did not want daddy to, daddy had to walk him to his music class. There were a few tears shed when he left, but luckily Sam was soon distracted by the music and fun once he got into his classroom.

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