Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Another month flies by - February

When you have kids, the days feel really long....but the weeks and months seem like they just fly by. I can't believe how grown up Sam is getting, and Stella...well she's still little but she's growing up too! I love that I can be at home with them and enjoy every moment with my little munckins.

Sam's fascination with animals extends beyond just farm animals. He loves to go see and feed the ducks. So, we often go for a walk to a nearby pond where he can sit and watch them.

Of course, Shelby loves the walk too...

I love this picture because it captures the first moment I saw the kids actually playing together. It made my heart melt...I look forward to watching them make so many memories together.

Stella catching a ride on Tow Mater...

Eating blueberries can get a little messy :)

Smiley Stella

Nothing like a little painting on a rainy little Picasso

She often laughs while eating and sprays her food everywhere! It's too cute to get upset about :)

Stella getting some cuddle time with Uncle Mike :)

Ready for our walk...

She thinks mirrors are so funny!

Being silly with daddy before her first flight to El Paso!

Sam being a good boy on the flight

Stella being a big girl at lunch

Sam being a good boy for his second hair cut ever

Western Day at school :)

Sweet baby Stella

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