Tuesday, January 31, 2012

January love

No specific event to blog about this time....just some sweet pics of my babies that I want to share. These were taken throughout the month of January; Stella is 6 months and Sam is 2.

Of course, I love all pictures that both kiddos are in...so those automatically make the cut :)

Daddy thought he'd get to sleep in...ha ha ha, not so much. I threw the kids in bed with him and that did the trick :)

All smiles....

One of my faves...Sam is so sweet with her. And she adores him. It just melts my heart.

Sweet Sam

The girls, just hanging out....and no, Shelby is actually not supposed to be on the bed. But since she was already there, it was a good photo op :)

Just hanging out with daddy...love! She is so happy just to be around him. Sam was (and still is) like that too. So sweet.

Hanging out with her boyfriend, Mason. He is six weeks younger than Stella...it will be so fun watching them grow together!

Taking all 3 kids for a walk! Thankfully, they all enjoy being outdoors and walking!

I had to include this pic my 3 favorite little monkeys, even if the picture quality stinks. They're just too cute, eating popcorn and watching Cars 2. Love them so much!

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