Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Sam's Accident

I got the phone call every mother fears this week. Sam's school called and said he fell hard at lunch, and that I needed to get up there as soon as possible. Needless to say, I was out the door in less than 30 seconds. My poor baby boy was covered in blood and had what looked to be a knocked out front tooth. However, it turned out the tooth had actually got jammed up in his gums. After a visit to the ER, we were sent to a specialist/dentist in Richardson. They took some X-rays there, and Sam was such a trooper. He was in so much pain, but acted like such a big boy.
In many cases, the tooth will descend from the gums on its own. However, Sam's tooth is lodged pretty far up there--which lessens the chances of that happening. But, the dentist said he at least wanted to give it a chance. So, we have a follow-up visit in 2 weeks (Tuesday, November 8th) to see if there is any improvement. If not, they may have to extract his tooth :( It just breaks my heart.

The other big concern is if this did any damage to the permanent tooth behind the baby tooth. The dentist said the x-rays show that there is a good chance his permanent tooth has not been damaged, since the baby tooth is not pushing on it at all. However, we will not know that for sure until the permanent tooth actually comes in. So we have to just wait and see...

Here is a picture of my sweet baby's mouth a couple of days after the accident. His upper lip and gums are still swollen, but look a lot better than they did. Please keep Sam in your prayers.

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  1. Oh, that picture of Sam and daddy just breaks my heart! With or without the tooth, Sam bug still has the best smile in the world!