Sunday, September 30, 2012

September: a trip, a tooth, school, & more!

September was a busy, but fun month.  Justin had to go to Berlin, Germany to attend a conference as a speaker.  Lucky for me, I was invited along for a free trip with my hubby! Sam-bug heard we were leaving, and decided he'd figure out a way to join us too :)

I fell in love with Berlin--such an amazing city. We filled our days with sight-seeing, cafe stops for food, beer & coffee, bike riding, and more stops for beer, food & coffee.  Perfect.

The day after our Berlin trip, Sam had his first day of pre-school in the 2's class.  Such a handsome little man!  I was thrilled that he was happy and excited to go to school, unlike his first day of school last year.  It was a tear-free day for the both of us--yay!


Having Sam in school 2 days a week allowed Stella and mommy to have some one on one time.  I really enjoyed this special time with my sweet and sassy little girl.  So what's the first thing we did?  Shoe shopping of course :)  Stella was well overdue for her first pair of real shoes!

And a few more pics of my little ham...

She just couldn't understand that the picture was of herself.  And when she finally embraced it, she carried it around everywhere and let everyone know that it was "Baby Stella".

Making a mess, aka eating apple sauce by herself for the first time. 

I have to admit, one of my favorite things about Stella and mommy time has been the extra snuggles I get to have with her.  She has decided that while Sam is at school, she gets to nap on mommy's bed...and who am I to say no?!  Such a doll.

Nearly a year after Sam's tooth accident occurred, his dentist decided the damaged tooth needed to be extracted.  Leaving it in could potentially damage the teeth around it, and/or his permanent tooth behind it.  

Here he is prior to the extraction...poor bubba doesn't know what's about to happen.

Even with his damaged tooth, that boy's smile could light up any room...and melt any heart.

Big hug from mama before he gets his tooth yanked :(

This boy is SUCH a trooper!  No screaming or tears.  Here he is after...gums and lips are swollen, but still smiling because he's THAT amazing.  Oh, and he's being treated to ice cream :)

Had to save the tooth for the tooth fairy of course.

Looks like the tooth fairy couldn't figure out how to get all his goodies under his pillow...

But I don't think he minded one bit :)

One of my favorite things about watching our kids get older is how much more they interact, play, and love each other.  Of course, with that comes the fighting.  But the good most definitely outweighs the bad!  Although, it is quite comical how quickly they can go from loving on each other, to screaming and hitting each other (please see below).


Their favorite game lately has been hide n' seek.  And while they are usually terrible at hiding, I must admit this spot was a pretty good one!

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